Fairs and Festivals we will be attending

Why we participate

We find that the fairs and festivals are much fun and exhilarating as we are able to work with people who have a particular image or words they want printed on a license plate, mug or shirt.  The fun is in their being able to watch their idea come to life as it is being printed on their chosen merchandise. 

We also have a draw your own design using special markers that have a type of color that with heat will actually go into the merchandise.  This is really cool to see done.

Draw Your Own Design

We have designs that you can color in or blank paper for you to use.  Either way you draw and color in your design.  Then we will print it on the merchandise you chose.  This process gives you a fantastic momento of a great time. Since the color goes into the merchandise you choose, the image will last a LONG time - almost on a permanent basis.